Flashback UHS Gallon - Mop On Restorer

Flashback UHS Gallon - Mop On Restorer

  • $34.97

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Flash Back UHS

Is your floor looking dingy and dull, even after mopping? Don’t give up – and definitely don’t run to the grocery store for one of those squirt and mop floor cleaners! They build up quickly and leave a goopy surface that holds onto dirt.

Instead, grab Flash Back UHS. It restores color vibrancy and gives a long lasting shine to vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, or quarry tile floors without creating layers of shiny-for-a-few-days gunk. This pro-grade floor finish is designed to look great and hold up in busy office building, stores, and other high-traffic locations. Give your floor the professional treatment!

  • Brings back depth and vibrancy of color
  • Gives a tough-wearing, long lasting shine
  • Designed for commercial, high traffic locations
  • Works great on vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, and quarry tile.
  • Easy to apply

Includes: one gallon of Flash Back UHS