Deluxe Microfiber Mop & Hard Surface Floor Kit

  • $25.99

From mopping floors to simpler sweep-ups, this deluxe microfiber mop kit does it all--complete with a rectangular and triangular base, two different-sized poles, and five reusable microfiber pads. From Don Aslett.


  • Includes mop base, triangle mop base, multi-part long pole, mini pole, three rectangular microfiber pads, three triangular microfiber plush pads, three microfiber dust pads
  • Approximate measurements: Long pole 50"L; Mini pole 15"L; Rectangular pads 16" x 6"; Triangular pads 11" x 7"
  • Pads: machine wash, tumble dry
  • Imported

Why does Don recommend microfiber over traditional cloths? Read Don's Blog here: Why Microfiber?

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