Classic 250 Gallon -  High Solids Floor Finish

Classic 250 Gallon - High Solids Floor Finish

  • $34.97

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Classic 250

How do the miles of shiny, beautiful floors in officers and stores stay looking so good? You may think the custodians spend all night babying and cleaning them, but you'd be wrong. They have other things to get done! Instead of putting hours into keeping the floors shiny and bright, they invest in high quality, professional grade floor finishes.

So if you want a gorgeous floor without spending tons of time, do what the pros do! Classic 250 is a durable, high-solids professional floor finish that will give your floor the shine and vibrant color you crave.

  • Professional grade floor finish
  • High solids formula for durability
  • Works great on vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, and slate floors.
  • Makes your floor easy-care
  • Brings back vibrant color and shine

Includes: one gallon of Classic 250