Don Aslett Wood To Wood 2 Pack – Gently Restores The Natural Beauty Of Wood

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Restore, Polish And Protect Your Wood Surfaces

A blend of natural oils, including Brazilian Catuaba oil, is the secret behind the superior results you’ll get with Don Aslett’s Wood to Wood natural wood polish. Unlike other brands, Wood to Wood is made without petroleum or solvents. It gently cleans, adds shine, improves color, and protects fine wood furniture, cabinets, and paneling.  It even prevents fingerprints! Wood to Wood won’t leave behind a sticky, dust-grabbing film or build up. Because it won’t build up, you can apply as many times, as often as you like to achieve your desired depth of color and gloss – just allow it to dry between each application. To produce a high gloss shine, apply as usual and allow it to dry, then buff. Protects and shines imitation wood, too! Bring out the warm beauty of wood in your home.

  • Not for use on floors – it is slippery!
  • Made with natural Brazilian Catuaba oil for superior results
  • Contains no solvents, petroleum, or thick, sticky oils
  • Cleans deepens the color, shines, and protects fine wood
  • Great for giving imitation wood a warm, glossy look

Contains two 1 – liter bottles

Directions for use:

All your wood, including varnished surfaces, may be cleaned and maintained by either spraying & wiping, or wetting a small soft cotton cloth with Wood To Wood, and spreading with a left to right strokes.

NEVER use circular motions!

Several applications may be applied if desired.

Allow adequate drying between applications.

Use as often as needed to maintain and protect the beautiful natural wood finish.

NOTE: If the surface is oily or dirty, clean first with Don’s Wood Wash.

See the Safety Data Sheet for this item.

Made in the USA