Don Aslett Wood And Furniture Polish 2 Pack – Cleans And Brings Back Shine To Wood With No Build Up

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Add Beauty And Shine Back To Your Wood

Polishing a home's wood fixtures and furniture was traditionally one of the simplest and most rewarding household tasks. A few drops of polish and a gentle buff with a soft cloth was all it took to bring out the shine, depth, and warm beauty of wooden shelves, doors, paneling, and furniture. And the results lasted!

Now those aerosol sprays and wipe “polishes” give you great results – but not for long! Smoke, dust, pet fur, and all the other airborne contaminants stick to the residue left behind. So very soon your hard work is gone and you’re back to dull, ho-hum wood. And over time that residue can build up, covering the natural glow of wood with dulling layers of “polish” that keep getting worse each time you use them.

Instead, do it the way Grandma did, the way that really is best. The lemon and beeswax formula of our liquid Wood and Furniture Polish gives you that deep, rich, lasting shine. Just a few drops are all you need. And no gunk-grabbing residue!

  • Not for use on wood floors!
  • For every type of finished wood – oak, cherry, walnut, and more
  • Two 16 ounce bottles
  • Wood nourishing lemon oil and beeswax formula
  • No dulling residue when used as directed


  • 2 - 16oz Ready-To-Use Wood and Furniture Polish.
  • 2 - Spray nozzles

Directions for use:

  • Apply to a clean towel and rub the wood surface.
  • For best results use a microfiber towel.
  • Polish gently, following the grain of the wood.
  • Continue gentle polishing action until the desired shine is achieved.

View the Safety Data Sheet for this item.

Made in the USA

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