Wood Cleaner And Polish - Cleans Wood And Repel Dust In One Step

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    Wood Cleaner and Polish

    When you have fine wood furniture you know the time you spend caring for it is time well-spent – an investment.  All that cleaning, oil or wax protecting, and polishing keeps your wood looking as vibrant and beautiful as the day it came into your home.  Add jobs, kids, grandkids, friends, family, pets, and your spouse to the mix – and you quickly run out of hours in the day. You still care about that beautiful heirloom sewing desk that was your great-great-grandmothers, or the elegant sideboard you found after countless hours at antique stores. But you just don’t have time to care for them like you want to! Don Aslett’s Wood Cleaner and Polish is the answer – it does it all in one simple step – even renewing the shine and vibrancy of old wood. It cleans, protects against scratches, repels fingerprints and dust, preserves, adds shine, and renews in a fraction of the time you’ve been spending!

    • Repels dust so you clean less frequently
    • Hides fine scratches
    • Protects wood from all the impurities in your home's air
    • Revitalizes – bringing back depth of color and shine
    • Gently cleans – fingerprints, smudges, and more


    Two 16 ounce bottles of Wood Cleaner and Polish

    1 Spray nozzle


    Made in the USA

      Works best when used with Don Aslett Microfiber Cloths

      See the Safety Data Sheet for this item.

      Made in the USA