Don Aslett's Microfiber Clean Arounds

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Tired of cleaning rags falling to pieces or cheap microfiber falling short of the hype? Microfiber is supposed to be incredibly absorbent, grab dust like a magnet, remove grime and germs with just water, and make cleaning, drying, dusting, and scrubbing a breeze. If you want microfiber that meets all those claims, you have to try these microfibers Clean- Arounds!

The round shape and pocket inside make these perfect cleaning mitts. Dual sided! Slip your hand inside and zoom through your dusting. Moisten with plain water to scrub fingerprints from walls, germs and gunk from door knobs, and more. Dry a sinkful of dishes with only one. Your imagination is the limit.  You can even stuff a bar of soap inside and use for washing yourself or your baby. Different microfiber types give you versatility. Get all the benefits of premium microfiber – add Clean-Arounds to your cleaning arsenal.

  • Set of five double sided mitts
  • Multiple types and textures for different jobs
  • Easy care – toss them in the washing machine
  • 8-inch diameter
  • Premium microfiber – 87% polyester, 17% polyamide



1 grey dusting mitt

1 pink scrubbing mitt

1 blue drying mitt

1 green cleaning mitt

1 yellow polishing mitt

Measurements and textile:

  • Clean Around Measures 8"Diam 83% polyester/17% polyamide

Washing instructions:

Machine wash warm separately, tumble dry low or air dry, no fabric softener no bleach do not iron

Made in China.

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