Don Aslett's Tulip Mat

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Want to spend less time sweeping and vacuuming? Stop the dirt at the door! If it never makes it into your house, there is less to clean up and less moisture and grit to damage and wear away at your floors. The key to keeping the mess and moisture outside is a good door mat.

This mat pairs a velvety-soft microfiber top with a moisture-proof synthetic rubber backing. The microfiber absorbs moisture and scrubs dirt from the bottoms of shoes. The no-slip backing keeps water and other moisture from soaking through to what’s below – making it a perfect choice for wooden decks or indoor use. The low-profile design fits where thicker mats won’t. When it’s time to clean – its easy. Hose it off outside or run it through the washer and line dry. Once it’s completely dry it is ready to return to duty!

This mat’s subtle tulip design blends in with many décor schemes. It fits country-chic right out of the box. Pair it with sculpted boxwood in planters for understated elegance. Makes the perfect companion for stunning flower boxes and pots of annuals – won’t distract neighbors and guests from the “thrillers, fillers, and spillers” you’ve invested so much effort into.

This mat has it all – good looks and supreme functionality.

  • Measures 39” x 24”
  • No-slip backing
  • Keeps moisture from soaking through
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Stops the dirt at the door


Contains one 39” x 24” door mat

Colors Available:

Blue, Green, Beige, Orange, purple

Made in China