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Safety Foam is our #1 toilet bowl cleaner, trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to get and maintain spotless toilets. This set truly has everything you need, all in a convenient carrying caddy. They are easy to store out of sight under the bathroom sink. The pumice stone is exactly what you need to scrub away stubborn hard water and other stains most cleaners leave behind. Simply wet the stone and gently rub over the stain. The grit created quickly and effectively scours away thick hard water deposits and other stains.

Showers n' Stuff tackles soap scum and hard water in your tub or shower. The specially designed spray nozzle lays down a thick layer of foam that clings instead of running off & down the drain. Spread the foam and walk away. Give it 2 or 3 minutes to do all the work. Then give it a quick scrub and rinse with cool water. You’ll love the results! *DO NOT USE Showers and Stuff on natural stone*

You will love scrubbing in Showers and Stuff with our NEW cleaning tool the Scrub and Switch. This tool has three reusable and interchangeable microfiber pads that can be used with or without the handheld tool. This multipurpose tool can be used to clean the bathroom, and kitchen, or even wash your car. One tool, three microfiber pads, six unique textured sides, and endless cleaning possibilities!  

You will LOVE the ease of cleaning your bathroom with this bundle. 

*DO NOT USE Showers and Stuff on natural stone*

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