Don Aslett Soil Master Spotless Bundle

$19.95 $25.95

This incredible cleaning bundle includes one bottle of Soilmaster concentrate, three dual-sided microfiber cloths in assorted colors, and one SCRAG. One bundle for an amazing price. Everything you need for a spotless kitchen! 

Soilmaster is an all-purpose cleaner. Use Soil Master to clean inside and outside your home. Perfect for the microwave, oven, countertops, backsplashes, laundry, and even cleaning the walls. Take outside to clean the BBQ grill, driveway, grease stains, and windows. This Eco-friendly oil cleaner has NO hydrocarbons, petroleum solvents, bleach, or ammonia.

The Scrag attaches to the corner of a cloth or rag. Multi-purpose cleaning tool that can be used with or without a cleaning cloth clipped on. The rounded edge scrapes dishes, aids in laundry and carpet spot removal, and gets into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. The squared edge gets into tight corners. Half-circle notch cleans oven and bbq racks. 

The Dual Duty cloth is our most versatile microfiber cloth. These cloths do everything our traditional microfiber does plus the scrubbing side removes stuck-on gunk without the elbow grease. It’s absorbent, it cleans, polishes, and scrubs.