Don Aslett Wood Wash Gallon - Gently Cleans Wood Floors, Furniture And Cabinets

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Specially formulated cleaner to remove dirt and grease without dulling wood surfaces

Most cleaners just shouldn’t be used on wood surfaces.  Their high or low pH can actually damage wood – etching away shines, dulling color, even eating away at the wood itself. Rather than risking permanent damage, use Don Aslett’s Wood Wash. This balanced, neutral pH cleaner is safe for most wood – even wood with no sealing finish. It is formulated to cut through dirt, grease, and grime, so not only is it great for those not-so-dirty shelves and coffee tables, but it’s also perfect for the stubborn grime on wooden kitchen cabinets, tables, banister railings, around doorknobs, and the sticky dull spots on bunk bed ladders and rails. Use it all around the house!

  • Balanced, neutral pH is safe for most wood
  • Concentrated formula – follow the directions to dilute properly for residue-free cleaning
  • Cleans even greasy and dull-looking wood - like kitchen cabinets
  • Removes stuck-on food, dirt, dust, oils, and grime – even residue left by other cleaners or wood polishes
  • Reveals and enhances the wood’s shine.

Contains 1 gallon of concentrated cleaner

    Also Available in RTU Size: To Purchase Wood Wash in RTU size, Click Here.

    Directions for use:

    Dilute 2 oz. of Wood Wash Concentrate per 1 quart of water.

    Damp-mop floors or spray and wipe walls, cabinets, desks, etc.

    No rinsing necessary. Neutral Cleaner.

    The number of ounces per gallon of Wood Wash may be varied, depending upon the degree of soil or kind of soil.

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    Made in the USA