Don Aslett Outdoor Dirt Trapping AstroTurf Mat Market Square- 3' x 5'

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*Made in the USA*

3’ x 5’ Outdoor Dirt Trapping AstroTurf Mat

Want to vacuum and sweep less?  Keep the dirt outside! It’s easy when you have one of these amazing mats at every entrance to your home. This decorative, durable, and easy-care outdoor mat scrapes and scrubs dirt, leaves, ice melt, snow, sand, mud, and more off of every boot, shoe, or paw that touches it. The debris falls in between the grass-like blades so it can’t get tracked in by the next person who walks over it.  All you have to do is shake or hose off the mat to clean it. You’ll be astounded by the amount of dirt it keeps out of your home!

  • Effective Cleaning: The distinct scraping blades on these mats vigorously clean and trap dirt from shoes, paws, and feet.
  • Rubber Backing: The rubber backing on our mats prevents trapped dirt from seeping through onto your porch or entranceway.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is as simple as shaking off the collected dirt or hosing down the mat.
  • Variety of Options: Don Aslett's mats come in a range of sizes and colors to complement any exterior décor.
  • Years of Satisfaction: Customers have loved these mats for years due to their practicality and durability.
  • Pro Tip: Don Aslett advises placing a mat at every entrance to minimize the dirt tracked into your house, reducing your sweeping chores.

Contains: One 3’ x 5’ genuine AstroTurf mat – made with durable 100% polyethylene 

Disclaimer on Mats/Rugs- We try our best to photograph the mats with correct lighting to showcase the color and style. Each mat will vary in look on different floor types and shades of color. Please measure your area for desired mat/rug before purchasing and find the best color/style that suits you. If you receive the mat and are not happy with the color or size, you must follow our return policy by paying for shipping to return the mat.