Personal Screen And Glass Cloths

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Personal Screen and Glass Cloths

How many touchscreen devices does your family have? Cell phones, tablets, laptops, eReaders, monitors, smartwatches – the list goes on and on. We all love our touchscreens – but we all hate the smudges! Don’t make the mistake of using a regular cloth to clean your devices – you’re going to end up with permanent scratches. Instead, keep one of these pocket-sized cloths with you all the time. Gently polish your screens with these soft, two-sided microfiber cloths to remove smudges, sweat, fingerprints, and other gunk. They are easy to clean too – just toss in the washing machine!

  • Great for eyeglasses, touchscreens, and more
  • Small size for your pocket or purse
  • Fluffy side cleans, slick side polishes
  • Set of three cloths
  • Won’t scratch!


Two 7” x 5” cloths

One 10” x 5” cloth


Face – 100% polyester, Back – 85% polyester, 15% polyamide

Washing instructions: machine wash, tumble or air dry, do not use bleach or fabric softener

Made in China.

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