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Mini Flex Tool

What do crystal vases and shop-vacs have in common? Clean and maintain both with this tool! This amazing bendable tool fits in tight spots to clean, scrub, and dry without scratching or damage. Made with a flexible, soft foam core and comes with three microfiber sleeves. Use the cleaning sleeve dry for dusting, wet for cleaning. The scrubbing sleeve and a little water or cleaner quickly scour away stubborn gunk. Then slip on the drying sleeve to polish the delicate crystal, silver, and fine décor without streaks or lint. Buy two – one for fine glass wear, crystal and décor, and one for those tight grimy spots in the car and garage!

  • Durable tool bends and straightens over and over
  • Flex it to the shape you need
  • Wash and re-use the microfiber sleeves over and over
  • Soft foam core adds “give” to protect delicate surfaces and clean extra-tight spots
  • Includes three specialty sleeves to dust, clean, scrub, and dry with ease


Microfiber cleaning sleeve, scrubbing sleeve, and drying sleeve

Flexible tool.

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