Motorized Handheld Scrubber- Simple Scrubber

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Make scrubbing simple with our new Simple Scrubber! This handheld motorized scrubber makes cleaning a breeze. The ergonomic design allows the user to work effectively and comfortably without tiring while the scrubber does all the work! The waterproof design makes it ideal for use in the kitchen, bathrooms and vehicle cleaning. Four different head attachments are included so the cleaning possibilities are endless while moving seamlessly between everyday jobs! Also included is a rechargeable battery that fits into the sleek compact design.

Product Features-
High quality and IPX7 Waterproof seal design
Power: 3.6 volts 2100 MAH Ni-MH Battery
Speed: 180 RPM
Working time per charge- 1 hour


Handheld Scrubber

Attachments: Hard Brush, Scouring Pad, Fine Brush, Crevice Brush

1 Battery and Battery Charger

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