Don Aslett's Super Absorbent Mop - Absorbs Spills Quickly And Easily - Don Aslett

Don Aslett's Super Absorbent Mop - Absorbs Spills Quickly And Easily

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Big Spills Have Met Their Match

Chamois isn’t only for drying cars anymore! Get the incredible absorbency and wring-ability of durable chamois for your floors with this mop. If you’ve used chamois before you know how easy it makes sopping up puddles, giving it a squeeze, and going back to cleaning and drying. It’s not too bad using your hands to wring it out if you’re just drying your car, but for your floor – no way! If you don’t want to get that yucky water all over your hands, this is the mop for you! Ingenious design lets your mop, wring, rinse, and dry without ever touching the mop head. When it’s dirty – just toss it in the washer! This set comes with a second mop head, so you can always have one clean and ready to go.

  • Durable, super-absorbent looped rayon chamois mop head
  • Two-piece pole with built-in twisting handle for easy wringing
  • Set includes two mop heads
  • Great for big spills and sticky, stuck on gunk
  • Ingenious design so your hands never have to touch the dirty water


Two-piece pole with built-in wringer

Two absorbent, rayon chamois mop heads

    (video for an illustration of mop head replacement only)

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