Don Aslett Natural Stone Cleaner 2 Pack – Removes Hard Water Scale and Soap Scum from Natural Stone Surfaces

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Safely Remove Hard Water Scale & Soap Scum From Natural Stone

Nothing matches the beauty and richness of natural stone. Marble, granite, travertine, slate, onyx, soapstone, and more are all incredibly popular for exactly that reason – their unbeatable “wow” factor. But the natural stone has two major drawbacks. It soaks in everything and then hangs on to it – from olive oil, wine, and juice, to the minerals in tap water! Plus, it is quickly and permanently damaged by almost every household cleaner.  Even lemon juice and vinegar will destroy your shiny granite countertop! You might get lucky and not notice the damage the first time you use the wrong cleaner, but each time you use it, it eats away another layer of stone.

So how in the world can you keep your pricy stone surfaces looking incredible if it is so easy to stain and so, so hard to clean?

Trust America’s cleaning expert Don Aslett to come to the rescue! His Natural Stone Cleaner is exactly what you need – no matter what types of natural stone you have in your house. It cleans deep into stone’s pores to dissolve and lift out soils and stains – all without abrasives, alkalis, acids, salts, phosphates, D-limonene, or artificial dyes. That long list of common cleaning ingredients all attack and damage stone – permanently!

Don Aslett’s Natural Stone cleaner removes hard water stains, organic messes, grease, soap scum, and more.

  • Completely safe for stone when used according to the directions
  • Leaves zero soap residues and won’t make stone slippery
  • Use on marble, granite, slate, limestone, terrazzo, travertine, onyx, and more – every natural stone
  • Great for cleaning many delicate surfaces – even easily discolored metal faucets and fixtures
  • Ready to use – no worry about diluting it incorrectly! Just spray and wipe according to the directions!

Includes two 32-ounce bottles

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    Made in the USA


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