Outdoor Dirt Trapping AstroTurf Mat Market Square- 3' x 5'

  • $59.95

*Made in the USA*

3’ x 5’ Outdoor Dirt Trapping AstroTurf Mat

Want to vacuum and sweep less?  Keep the dirt outside! It’s easy when you have one of these amazing mats at every entrance to your home. This decorative, durable, and easy-care outdoor mat scrapes and scrubs dirt, leaves, ice melt, snow, sand, mud, and more off of every boot, shoe, or paw that touches it. The debris falls in between the grass-like blades so it can’t get tracked in by the next person who walks over it.  All you have to do is shake or hose off the mat to clean it. You’ll be astounded by the amount of dirt it keeps out of your home!

  • Not recommended for use on wooden decks exposed to direct sunlight
  • Removes dirt, sand, snow, and other debris
  • Traps the debris so it can’t get tracked inside by the next person
  • Great for families with kids or pets
  • Shake or hose clean – let it dry before putting it back into use


One 3’ x 5’ genuine AstroTurf mat – made with durable 100% polyethylene 

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